It is difficult to know the difference without asking some direct questions about security. The following set of questions can assist in identifying a secure international global payment gateway:

Is it SSL Protected?

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It refers to the way information is passed on when one uses the page navigation on your website. The transition between pages allows for information to be passed on in a format which is encrypted, and therefore cannot be read while it is in transition. This adds security to your website. An SSL certificate should be present on the gateway page and, ideally, also on your website.

Is it PCI Compliant?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). PCI compliance is very important for payment gateways and was introduced as a process to make payment gateways more secure. This is nowadays industry standard, and you should never consider using a gateway that is not PCI Compliant.

PCI Data Security Standards involve a number of protection layers. The gateway seeks multiple approvals on behalf of the merchant through other institutions to confirm the data and process payments. Businesses that are PCI compliant are subject to regular reviews by qualified companies for data security. This means that if a gateway is PCI complaint it has been subjected to security tests and its monitoring and security measures have been tested for vulnerability.

Does it use tokenisation?

Tokenisation is the process of replacing credit card numbers with a 16-digit string to make transactions even more secure. This prevents data breaches even more since a credit card number can never be retrieved as originally submitted.

Is it 3D Secure?

3D Secure is yet another level of security that creates a password for the user’s credit card. Every transaction which requires credit card data is subsequently verified with this password. This adds yet another layer of security. It helps reduce fraud whilst increasing profitability.

Does it offer address verification service?

Address verification service is simply a feature where the billing address on a credit card needs to match the address on the bank’s files. If this matches, the transaction is carried out. This helps identify the card user and adds more security.

Armed with these questions, one can be sure that choosing the best payment gateway will not be hard work!