We provide a payment service that allows for easy and secure payments of digital content and services globally. We care about our merchants and end customers. From our years of experience, we know how to handle all details, big or small.

Our platform is integrated and operating in thousands of online games, download portals, social networks and apps.
We process millions of transactions daily.
When it comes to payments, we are experts.


Founder and CEO, Peter Krapfl created DaoPay in 2001. Peter learned with a Daoist monk for many years and so the name DaoPay emerged. The word “Dao” signifies the way or path.

He originally started the company as an addition to his initial endeavors. For a year, DaoPay and the profits it was making had went unnoticed. After seeing the momentum the company was gaining, Peter decided that he would put all of his time and energy into the payment company, DaoPay. Now, 15 years later and DaoPay is operating on a global scale providing the best payment experience to a vast variety of clients in all fields of businesses.