DirectPay EU is a low-risk method to bill online customers and a great alternative to credit card processing.

Merchants receive an electronic invoice presentment and payment service that is connected directly to 36 European online bill payment systems. The service allows online businesses to process with low risk of returns and is ideal for high-ticket online products and services.

DirectPay EU works throughout the European banking system and is a popular form of online payment in Europe. Upon checkout, the consumer gets the payment instructions and login to their bank account, where they initiate the transaction. DirectPay EU provides merchants the capability to accept domestic bank payments from any European country targeting almost 600 million consumers with low risk of returns.

Many European countries have low credit card coverage. Therefore DirectPay EU is an attractive payment method for consumers who don’t own a credit card or for those who are reluctant to use it for online purchases.

DirectPay EU works with membership management, optional age verification services and funds are guaranteed in one to three days. Furthermore, fraud scrubbing is not needed and DirectPay EU is an excellent payment option to fund eWallets.