Epay reached a strategic cooperation agreement with BitAsset, an international advanced digital asset trading platform, and provides US Dollar and Japanese Yen recharge channels for BitAsset on March 17, 2019. It is possible now to purchase cryptocurrency on BitAsset using Epay.

Epay is the first global payment platform in China, after four years of rapid development since 2014, it has been an internationally renowned payment company who has accumulated 300,000 active users and nearly 100 digital currency exchanges, including OKCoin, Coindeal internationally well-known digital currency exchanges.

The newly cooperating digital currency exchange is BitAsset. Established in December 2017, It has offices in Hong Kong, South Korea, and North America. The core members of the team come from top investment banks, securities exchanges and underlying technology development fields at home and abroad. The platform supports a variety of legal currency deposits, providing a variety of professional digital asset products such as spot, futures and its derivatives, ETF index and so on.

Epay will continue to make efforts to become the best payment channel in the field of digital currency.