TargetMedia (and TargetPay) are regularly in the news. To give you an impression of what is being written about TargetMedia we have listed some articles below.

Interesting articles about TargetMedia:

TargetMedia obtains payment institution De Nederlandsche Bank
"Web retailers can easily purchase multiple payment products via a PSP and often also pay less than directly from a bank because of the collective purchase. Unique to the proposition of ... "Read the full article: TargetMedia obtains a license

TargetMedia recognized as a payment institution

"Previously, the company was already active abroad, but the rules have been tightened up as a result of a European directive that applies from 1 November 2009. For that, strict requirements are set for, among other things, compliance and governance within the organization ..." Read the full article on: Target media accredited payment institution

Dutch TargetMedia brings services across the border

"TargetMedia, a mobile entertainment company, expands its SMS services and online payments abroad. The countries Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom are added ... "Read the full article at: TargetMedia across the border

Mobile payment with TargetMedia

"The technology of Mobile Content Billing has been used for some time on the portals of the mobile operators. What's new is that it is now possible for starting and small mobile website developers to link a payment system to their services ... "Read the full article on: Target media for mobile payments

TargetMedia becomes DigiWallet

TargetMedia is always working on improving the proposition. New techniques that make it even easier for the user to receive payments are made almost monthly. TargetMedia always keeps its customers informed of these developments. Do you also want to stay informed? Keep an eye on the DigiWallet website.