Global service & global team

Our FasterPay team believes that diversity is the key to success. Like our older sister company Paymentwall, we operate on a global scale. Why? From our perspective if we want to build a global product we need a globally distributed team.

Although San Francisco is our home, we believe that Silicon Valley is not a place but a state of mind which can come to light anywhere in the world.

That's why you'll only find open-minded people working for us in Berlin, Kiev, Manila, Seoul, Beijing, Bangalore and San Francisco.

We're not afraid to experience, learn and grow from our own mistakes, and the mistakes of others.

As e-wallets became more popular over the past decade, we noticed a few issues arising:

Merchant account being frozen without explanation.
Slow reaction to bugs to fixing bugs.
This is what inspired FasterPay to take-on these issues. We want to provide an effective e-wallet solution for those who feel stuck. That's why we're working day and night to ensure FasterPay is user-centric.

Inclusivity, diversity and open-mindedness is the essence of FasterPay.

Our goal is to be the company that provides local payment solutions to every region in the world asap. Why? Because we're pushing for equal payment opportunities for everyone.

Users from developing countries often experience discrimination because of their country's low economic background and lack of payment options — we're here to fix that issue. With FasterPay, we're working towards having every currency and language on our platform.

This is where the experience of our sister company Paymentwall has inspired us. They dealt with this user issue in SouthEast Asia a few years ago.

Ignoring the stigma, they chose to enter the market anyway and found tremendous success. Paymentwall became the first company to provide local payment options to game developers. This meant users were finally able to pay and obtain access to content they wanted.

The game developers were able to make money from these markets and suddenly SEA became a hot space for global payment providers. Today, content developers and e-commerce merchants can also target these markets and develop business opportunities thanks to FasterPay too and its payment acquiring capabilities.